Season Twelve: Structure (aka Theory and Technique)

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
First Person First
1 Variations on First Person
2 How to Nail Character Voice in First Person
3 Project In Depth, "Risk Assessment," by Sandra Tayler
4 Hybrid Viewpoints
5 Literary Fiction
Third Person POV
6 Variations on Third Person
7 Description Through the Third Person Lens
8 Short Stories As Exploration, with Tananarive Due
9 Q&A on Viewpoint
10 Developing Your Own, Personal Style
11 Diction
12 Words as Words, with Linda Addison
13 Beautiful Prose, Purple Prose ttp://
Sentence, Paragraph, Scene
14 Controlling Pacing With Structure
15 Pacing with Chapters
16 Writing Crime Fiction with Brian Keene
17 Q&A On Style, Diction, and Paragraphing
18 Gendered Dialect, with J. R. Johansson
Structure During Discovery
19 Structure on the Fly
20 Retrofitting Structure into a First Draft

21 Narrative Bumper Pool, with Bill Fawcett and Carrie Patel
22 Hybrid Outlining and Discovery Writing
Structure in Outlining
23 Proposals, Pitches, and Queries
24 Creating Great Outlines
25 Hiring an Editor, with Callie Stoker
26 Q&A on Outlining and Discovery Writing
27 Choosing a Length
28 Trimming and Expanding
29 "Oh Crap, The Cops Are Here!" With Joe McKinney
30 Tools for Writers
31 What Makes a Good Monster, with Courtney Alameda
Building It for Brevity
32 Structuring a Short Piece
33 How to be Brief, Yet Powerful
34 Fulfilling the Reader's Fantasy, with Brian McClellan
35 Short Fiction Markets, with Spencer Ellsworth and guest host Beth Meacham
Novelettes and Novellas
36 Structuring a Mid-Length Piece
37 Subplots
38 What Do Editors Really Want, with Toni Weisskopf and Cat Rambo
39 Q&A on Short(er) Fiction
Structuring a Novel
40 Structuring a Novel
41 Raising the Stakes
42 Adapting Your Stories for Game Play, with Alan Bahr
Building It Big: Series and Serials
43 Serialized Storytelling
44 NNaNoWriMo 2017 Primer
45 Structuring a Series
46 Reinventing Yourself
47 Screenwriting And The Writers Room, with JD Payne
48 Q&A on Novels and Series, with Brian McClellan
Advanced Structure, and What Did We Miss?
49 Non-Linear Narratives
50 Form and Function
51 Constructed Languages, with Dirk Elszinga
52 Cross-Genres as Gateways
Writing Excuses True Confessions

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