Season Thirteen: Characters!

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
1 Hero, Protagonist, Main Character
2 Writing Active Characters
3 What Writers Get Wrong, with Aliette de Bodard
4 Protagonists Who Aren't Sympathetic
5 Villain, Antagonist, Obstacle
6 NExternal Conflicts for Characters
7 What Writers Get Wrong, with Lou Perry
8 Making Characters Distinctive
9 Quick Characterization
10 Handling a Large Cast
11 Writing Secondary Characters, with Charlaine Harris
12 Q&A on Heroes, Villains, and Main Characters
13 Character Voice
14 Character Nuance
15 What Writers Get Wrong, with Mike Stop Continues
16 Avoiding Flat Characters
17 What Writers Get Wrong, with Jamahl Crouch
18 Naturally Revealing Character Motivation
19 Backstories
20 Fear and Writing, with Emma Newman
21 Q&A on Character Depth and Motivation
22 Character Arcs
23 Internal Conflicts
24 What Writers Get Wrong, with Piper, Aliette, and Wesley, with Special Guest Ken Liu
25 Our Journey with Character
26 Character Relationships ttps://
27 Characters As Foils
28 What Writers Get Wrong, with Wildstyle.
29 Iconic Heroes
30 Project in Depth, THE CALCULATING STARS, with Kjell Lindgren.
31 Learning to Listen As a Writer
32 How to Handle Weighty Topics
33 Reading Outside the Box
Bonus Episode – Elephants and Death, with Lawrence Schoen
34 Q&A on Character Arcs
35 Cliché vs. Archetype
36 Confronting the Default
37 What Writers Get Wrong, with JY Yang
38 How to Find and Use Alpha Readers
39 What Writers Get Wrong, with Wendy Tolliver
40 Fixing Character Problems, Part I
41 Fixing Character Problems, Part II
42 Writing Excuses Talks to an Astronaut, with Special Guest Kjell Lindgren
43 Characters Who Are Smarter Than You Are
NaNoWriMo Bonus 1
NaNoWriMo 2018 Mini-Episode 1
44 Alien Characters
NaNoWriMo Bonus 2
NaNoWriMo 2018 Mini-Episode 2
45 Next Level Narration
NaNoWriMo Bonus 3
NaNoWriMo 2018 Bonus Episode, with Mercedes Lackey
46 The Unsexy Side of Space, with Bart Smith and Ben Hewett

47 Q&A on Fixing Characters
48 Character Death and Plot Armor
49 How to Finish
50 NWhat Writers Get Wrong, with Zoraida Córdova h
51 Wrap-Up on the Year of Character
52 Working Dad Is a Spaceman
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