Season Eight

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
1 Micro-Casting
2 Hero's Journey
3 Pets
4 Side-Character Arcs
5 Breaking the Rules
6 Retellings and Adaptations
7 Cliffhangers and Icebergs with Robison Wells
8 Writing and Personal Health
9 Brainstorming with Howard
10 Brainstorming with Howard Again
11 Abnormal Psychology
12 Project In Depth – Deus Ex Nauseum
13 Fake It Till You Make It
14 Brainstorming with Brandon
15 Narrative Rhythm
16 Brainstorming with Brandon Again
17 Micro-Casting
18 Blocking
19 Writing and Convention Culture
20 The Short Story, with Mary Robinette Kowal
21 What the Avengers Did Right
22 Pre-Writing with E. J. Patten
23 Micro-Casting
24 Project In Depth – Kiss Me Twice
25 Middle Grade with E.J. Patten
26 Space Opera
27 Chapter Breakdowns
28 Your First Contract
29 Out Of Excuses Retreat Q&A #1
30 Writing Reluctant Characters
31 Combining Dialogue, Blocking, and Description
32 Micro-Casting
33 Making Non-Human Characters Relatable
34 Survivorship Bias
35 Digging Yourself Out Of Holes with Jeph Jacques
36 Transitioning Characters in Prominence
37 When Fail Happens in Your Career
38 Out Of Excuses Retreat Q & A #2
39 Dystopian Fiction with Cherie Priest
40 Publishing with Bill Schafer
41 Out of Excuses Retreat Microcasting
42 The Internal Heckler vs. The Internal Editor
43 Realistic Melee Fighting with Wesley Chu
44 Talking Publishing with Tom Doherty
45 GenCon Q&A with Wesley Chu
46 Editing with Aeryn Rudel
47 Roguishness with Scott Lynch
48 Long-Form Storytelling with Sam Logan
49 Hard Social Science Fiction with Joel Shepherd
50 Q & A with Mercedes Lackey
51 Creative non-fiction with Mette Ivie Harrison
52 You Think You Don't Have Time to Write with Mette Ivie Harrison

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