Season Eleven: Elemental Genres

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
1 Introduction to Elemental Genre
2 How to Get the Most Out Of a Conference, with Kathy Chung
3 Layering the Elemental Genres
4 Newton's Laws of Writing
5 Writing and World Building for Role-Playing Games
6 The Element of Wonder
7 The Convention Survival Kit, with Gail Carriger
8 Wonder As a Subgenre
9 Q&A on the Element of Wonder
10 Idea, As Genre, with Nancy Fulda
11 Self-Publishing in 2016, with Michaelbrent Collins
12 Idea As Subgenre, with Nancy Fulda
13 Elemental Idea Q&A
14 The Element of Adventure
15 The Environment, with L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
16 Adventure as a Subgenre
17 Elemental Adventure Q&A
18 Elemental Horror
19 Fashion for Writers, with Rebecca McKinney
20 Horror As a Subgenre
21 Q&A on Elemental Horror, With Steve Diamond
22 Examining Unconscious Biases, with Shannon Hale
23 The Element of Mystery
24 Stakes!
25 Elemental Mystery Is Everywhere
26 Elemental Mystery Q&A
27 the Elemental Thriller
28 Imposter Syndrome, with Alyssa Wong
29 Elemental Thriller As Subgenre
30 Elemental Thriller Q&A
31 Futurism, with Trina Marie Phillips
32 The Element of Humor
33 Crossover Fiction, with Victoria Schwab
34 Humor as a Sub-Genre
35 Elemental Humor Q&A with Victoria Schwab
36 The Elemental Relationship
37 Casting Your Book, with Gama Martinez

38 The Elemental Relationship As a Sub-Genre
39 New Topic
40 Elemental Drama
41 The Editor's Wishlist, with Navah Wolfe
Characterization and Differentiation, With Robin Hobb
42 Elemental Drama As a Sub-Genre
43 Elemental Drama Q&A, with Tananarive Due
44 Project in Depth, GHOST TALKERS, by Mary Robinette Kowal
Bonus-02 Horrifying the Children, with Darren Shan
Bonus-03 Some Books Have Maps in the Front, with Maurice Broaddus, Mur Lafferty, and James Sutter
45 Elemental Issue, with Desiree Burch
46 Colonialism with Steven Barnes, Tempest Bradford, Dongwon Song, and Shveta Thakrar
47 Issue As a Subgenre, with Steven Barnes
48 Elemental Issue Q&A, with DongWon Song
Fantasy Food, with Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch
49 Elemental Ensemble, with Michael Damian Thomas
50 Hand-Selling Your Book to Potential Readers, with Michael R. Underwood
51 Ensemble As a Sub-Genre, with Lynne M. Thomas
52 Elemental Ensemble Q&A, with Claudia Gray
** New Topic

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