Season Five

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
1 Third Person Limited
2 Character Quirks
3 First Person Viewpoint
4 Creating Suspense
5 Writing the Unfamiliar
6 Micropodcasts
7 Avoiding Melodrama
8 The Excuses You're Out Of
9 Character Arcs with John Brown
10 John Brown and the Creative Process
11 Micro-Casting Number Two
13 How do you write the second book?
14 Visual Components of Novels with Scott Westerfeld
15 Steampunk with Scott Westerfeld
12 Time Travel!
16 Critiquing Dan's First Novel
17 Dialogue Exercises
18 Offending Your Readers
19 Fulfilling Promises to Your Readers
20 More Dialogue Exercises
21 Alternate History
22 Film Considerations
23 Life Day!
24 Author's Responsibility to the Reader
25 Writing in Other People's Universes
26 Scared for the Characters
27 Perseverance
28 ePublishing
29 Rewriting
30 Writing Action
31 Writing Romance
32 Urban Fantasy
33 Alpha Readers
34 Story Bibles
35 Brainstorming an Urban Fantasy
36 Non-traditional Settings with Saladin Ahmed
37 Parody and Satire with Jim Hines
38 Dialog with John Scalzi
39 Filking and writing music with Tom Smith

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