Season Four

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
1 Types of Humor
2 Heroism
3 How to Manage Your Influences
4 Agents -- do you need one?
5 Role-playing in games as a tool for storytelling
6 James Dashner's Lessons on Pacing
7 Questions and Answers with James Dashner
8 Working with Editors
9 How to Write Men
10 Writing for Young Adults
11 Jordo Tries to Stump Us
12 Writing Epics
13 Juggling Multiple Viewpoints
14 Brainstorming Science Ideas
15 Visual Components of Storytelling
16 Breaking the Fourth Wall
17 Living with the Artist
18 How to Steal for Fun and Profit
19 Discovery Writing
20 Strategies for Getting Published
21 Writing Practical Fantasy
22 Q&A at CONduit with LE Modesitt, Jr.
23 How to break into the young adult market
24 Random storytelling with James and Julie
25 Mating Plumage
26 Avoiding Stilted Dialogue
27 Major Overhauls to Broken Stories
28 Brainstorming the End and Working Backwards
29 Line Editing
30 World Building the Future
31 Line Editing Dialogue
32 First Paragraphs
33 Trunk Novels
34 Q&A at Dragons and Fairy Tales

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