Season Nine

Episode Topic Podcasts Transcripts
1 Chronology of a Book Deal with Eric James Stone
2 Hard Science Fiction with Eric James Stone
3 Character Perception vs. Narrative Perception with Nancy Fulda
4 Artificial Intelligence with Nancy Fulda
5 Hijacking the Knowledge You Already Have, with Mette Ivie Harrison
6 The Experience of Time
7 Last Pass Revisions with Eric James Stone
8 When Is Your Handwavium Good Enough?
9 What to Do When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
10 Engaging Characters
11 Micro-Casting
12 Micro-Casting! Twice in a Row!
13 Three-Pronged Character Development
14 How to have an Opinion as a Public Figure
15 Becoming a Writer – Full Disclosure.
16 Coming up with a new ending, halfway through.
17 Micro-Casting
18 Micro-Casting
19 Showing Emotion
20 Creator Versus Creation
21 Sanderson's Third Law
22 Micro-Casting
23 World Building without Breaking Viewpoint
24 Side Quests
25 Adjusting Character Sympathy
26 Adjusting Character Competence
27 Pre-Writing
28 Part 1 of 2, Critiquing Sixth of the Dusk
29 Part Two of Two, Critiquing Sixth of the Dusk
30 Critiquing A Fire in the Heavens
31 Critiquing "An Honest Death"
32 Adjusting Character Proactivity
33 Micro-Casting
34 Science Fiction As Science Education
35 What to do when you disagree with your editor
36 Writing Instruction
37 Training a Critique Group
38 Q&A At Westercon
39 Publicity for Books
40 Understanding Royalties with Paul Stevens
41 Fan Writing, with Christopher J. Garcia

2015 Out Of Excuses Writing Workshop and Retreat
42 The Convention-Author Relationship, with Deirdre Saoirse Moen
43 Writing Mysteries
44 Getting in the Writer's Mindset with Peter Beagle
45 Tools for Writing from Oral Storytelling
46 Disability in Narrative
47 Conversation With a Bookseller
49 Hiding the Open Grave
48 Neurobolics Of Characters
50 Writing for the Enfranchised Reader
51 Q & A At the Retreat
52 From the Page to the Stage
53 Writing for Fun
54 Capstone to Season Nine
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